Governor Cuomo says “all human life has the same value”… but he has yet to prove that he believes what he says.

Long Island calls for federal probe into coronavirus deaths at nursing homes; if you agree that a federal investigation is necessary, please sign our petition here.

Yesterday, Gov. Cuomo was surprised that 66% of COVID-19 patients were staying at home and today he said NYC healthcare workers catch coronavirus at below-average rate.  So staying at home doesn’t really help and perhaps the exposure to COVID-19 helps build a better immunity to the virus.  So, the obvious question to Governor Cuomo is:  Why is all of New York State still in lockdown with little hope of it ending soon?

Science and the Constitution say: End the lockdowns.

The Worldwide Lockdown May Be the Greatest Mistake in History.

Over Half of U.S. Counties Have Had No COVID-19 Deaths.

Now we know why Gov. Cuomo keeps stressing in his daily briefings that no one knew that COVID-19 came to New York via Europe and that closing down flights from China did not stop COVID-19 (ultimately trying to deflect blame back to President Trump while attempting to lay out a defense for him and reluctantly to de Blasio.)

While expensive, this is the next must have for every hospital.  I wonder if George Soros, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg would be willing to purchase some for nursing homes and hospitals.  Perhaps, since Gov. Cuomo said today that “all human life has the same value” and we must “protect human life” he would consider having his campaign fund make a donation so some nursing homes can purchase some, or host a fundraiser with all proceeds going to the purchase of some for nursing homes.  I think it is the least he can do considering how many human lives have been lost in nursing homes under his watch.

You Can Observe a Lot by Just Watching.

Mr. Mayor:  why dodge the question?   De Blasio dodges questions on using coronavirus crisis to overhaul schools.  Unless, of course, you believe that Richard Carranza’s message to NYC kids: Working hard is for suckers is a good message to send to our youth.  (Knowing your history, you do.)

Cuomo encourages voters use absentee ballots as judge reinstates New York Democratic presidential primary, but, it may not happen since New York state appeals ruling requiring it to hold June Democratic primary.

Workers Are Asking to Be Laid Off, Because COVID-19 Unemployment Benefits Pay Better than Work.

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.

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