Does Governor Cuomo enjoy moving the goal posts?

I will say this much for Governor Andrew Cuomo, he certainly emulates his father’s gift of public speaking.  However, when you listen to his pressers every day, the condescending double talk takes its toll.  When his father used to address the press, one would walk away and say, what did he just say? He had a habit of saying something then in the next paragraph contradict what he said in the previous paragraph.  Andrew Cuomo has long called for an end of politics during the COVID-19 crisis, yet his daily pressers continue to be totally political.  Watch today’s presser here.  (Today’s presser also states, again, that the administration had/has alternatives to COVID-19 patients being readmitted to nursing homes…not what the DOH indicated in the March 25 memo.  The Governor is certainly good at deflecting blame and quick to set the “facts” to fit his narrative of the day.)

Gov. Cuomo’s hubris in stating that New York’s budget wasn’t a problem prior to COVID-19 typical of his sidetracking any issue he may be responsible for not doing well.  The fact, Gov. Cuomo, is that New York was facing a $6 billion shortfall.  Now due to COVID-19 (including some unnecessary spending by your administration) NY is facing a $13 billion deficit.  You expect the federal government to subsidize this deficit and say they are being irresponsible for not doing so.  Quick question Governor, where is the federal government supposed to get the money from?  The current  National Debt Clock shows the US is rapidly approaching $25 trillion in national debt including $3.1 trillion in national debt (mostly, I believe from the COVID-19 spending.)  So, Governor Cuomo, is the federal government just supposed to print more money for the states that haven’t managed their budgets well?  In other words, give NY money so I can continue to be a savior and not make any cuts I don’t want to.

A piece of advice for Gov. Cuomo and every other proponent of keeping the lockdown in place, please read Rich Lowry’s op-ed in today’s New York Post.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s says no region of NY ready to reopen under safety rules.  (Perhaps when he and Chris played football as kids, Andrew was Lucy and Chris was Charlie Brown; in his grown-up role he is still Lucy and all the residents of NY are Charlie Brown.)

Every day brings more heart wrenching news:  Additional 1,700 Coronavirus Deaths Reported in New York State Nursing Homes.  New York state cannot investigate this on-going tragedy.  If you agree with us, please sign our petition calling on AG William Barr to initiate a federal investigation.

I stand by what I said in an earlier blog post:  Gov. Cuomo and the Department of Labor dropped the ball when they knew New York was going on lockdown.  The DOL was completely unprepared, a simple, give us two weeks to get up to speed would have saved the stress that is still ongoing for those who need to buy groceries, medicine, pay rent and bills.

As eye-opening as the headline is, the full article is not quite that disconcerting.

The swamp still has to be drained, and now is a good time to eliminate unnecessary and redundant government.

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