Chairman Kassar’s wrap up includes Joe Biden, reopening New York and the nursing home crisis.

Biden Asleep on the Job

 There has been much speculation surrounding the health of Joe Biden, speculation the DNC seems willing to ignore. Time and time again, Biden has exhibited clear signs of cognitive decline, failing to remember simple names, going off on odd rants, and forgetting thoughts mid sentence.

Earlier this week in an interview with Hillary Clinton, The former Vice President appeared to fall asleep as Clinton was endorsing his 2020 Presidential campaign.

While it falls squarely on the shoulders of a medical professional to evaluate Biden, it is very fair to question his condition, and request proof of a clean bill of health from the man who could very well be the leader of the free world.

President Trump’s health has often been a topic of discussion, even though he has never showed any sign of cognitive or physical decline.  Calls from the left have never ceased and  insist on doctors giving reports on his annual physical examination.  Requests are always granted by the administration and a clean bill of health is always delivered by White House doctors.

Mainstream media has, once again, developed a new set of rules for President Trump and everyone else. Responsible journalists would take the information we have and request Joe Biden show he is physically up to the challenge of being President of The United States.

Reopening New York

 We still have no clear idea as to when our state will begin it’s reopening at any level. While local and state government has acknowledged we are close to a region relaxation of restrictions, no clear plan has been laid out.

New York City is now in position to potentially have a $9.7 billion loss in tax revenue, while at the same time dealing with nearly 500,000 lost jobs.

New York City’s Independent Budget Office estimates a $2.9 billion revenue loss for the remainder of 2020, and a $6.7 billion loss for the fiscal year 2021.

State counties outside of NYC could see a cumulative  $2 billion in sales tax revenue losses. The state continues to estimate a sales tax revenue loss of between $10 and $15 billion.

This is certainly unwelcomed news as New York State was already starring down the barrel of a $16 billion budget deficit.

We must allow regions of New York not as effected by COVID-19 to open quickly and safely.

Governor Cuomo’s plan to open with only construction and manufacturing jobs in upstate will not suffice. Small businesses are hurting and many will not survive another 1 or 2 months closed. There is a recovery effort each business will undergo even as they are allowed to reopen their doors. Delaying this further could result in their permanent closing.

Conservative Party Petitions for AG William Barr to Investigate New York’s Nursing Home Crisis

What has transpired in New York nursing homes is nothing short of horrendous, irresponsible, and represents failed leadership to say the least.

“I don’t know where their head is, it could be up their butt,” former U.S. Senator Al D’Amato said of NY Health Department commissioner Dr. Howard Zucker.

3,500 nursing home deaths have been reported throughout New York State.

D’Amato, now a lobbyist and large fundraiser for Governor Cuomo, doesn’t believe the numbers coming out of his administration, “It’s higher, believe me, “ he said.

It is unconscionable that COVID-19 infected patients where allowed into nursing homes already full of our most vulnerable population with underlying health issues.

An investigation is needed and we are calling on that loud and clear today.

Please read and sign the petition here.

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