Where have all the statesmen gone?

Governor Cuomo, like President Trump, makes himself available daily since the COVID-19 crisis has dominated the news and for most part both men are informative regarding the health crisis.  I do believe transparency gives those not involved in process a better understanding of why government has asked its citizens to do certain things like social distancing, wearing face masks and closing businesses.

Governor Cuomo’s update – other than the repetitiveness and condescending tone – was insightful into the Governor’s thought process – why we are still in lockdown until May 15, the need to coordinate with surrounding states and his absolute need to blame others.  Gov. Cuomo did acknowledge that the federal government (President Trump) was helpful in many instances, but still needs money.

Governor Andrew Cuomo is very much like his father Mario Cuomo.  When you listen to him speak, at first, he uses praise; then immediately he cuts his knees off.  Andrew Cuomo relishes his role, as a democrat leader, to do all he can to destroy the opposition.  Gov. Cuomo’s less than subtle sarcasm, in thanking President Trump was disingenuous, and proves that he cannot take any criticism.  He was quick to state that his needs were dependent on the administrations’ projections from the early models.  (Weren’t those numbers dependent on what was reported to them…and wasn’t/isn’t  NY at the epicenter?)  Gov. Cuomo was very prepared to criticize the Trump Administration with his power point presentation.  You can watch the hour and half presentation here.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo laments that the states are not getting any funding for their lack of having an adequate rainy-day fund.  What absolutely amazed me was when Governor Cuomo’s power point presentation showed this quote: “Don’t pass the buck without passing the bucks,” A. J. Parkinson. (this quote begins at the 16:42 mark of the above link.)

Governor Cuomo should remember this quote when he places unfunded mandates on counties in New York State.

How long will it be before Governor Cuomo and US Attorney General William Barr have a dispute about religious freedoms?  While I respect CE Moss, I think his enforcement of the Gov. Cuomo’s Executive Order is unfortunately too strict.  Government does not have the right to deny a person the right to practice their religion…certainly not in America which was founded on religious freedom.  People can socially distance in a Church, parking lot or a drive-in movie theater, but not allowing them this freedom is just plain overstepping governments role.

One more thought on Governor Cuomo today, did you know that New York state hires McKinsey to create science-based, ‘Trump-proof’ plan for the safe economic reopening?   (Do a Google search on McKinsey & Co. if you are not familiar with what the company is noted for.)  Knowing New York is facing an extreme loss of income, why isn’t Governor Cuomo taking his own advice, as noted in his press conference, about not spending money he doesn’t have?  Doesn’t he have the best and brightest staff?

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