Speaker Pelosi must really think Americans are incredibly unintelligent people.

From the Gatestone Institute:  Coronavirus: WHO Director Has a Long History of Cover-Ups.

I find it fascinating that liberal democrats are complaining that President Trump appears to support some Americans that believe some governors have overstepped their interpretation of sheltering in place to combat COVID-19.  Many are the very same governors who ignore the United States Constitution by declaring their state is a sanctuary state or allowing counties and cities to become a sanctuary places.  Should we now believe that public health edicts have replaced the US Constitution?  There is no doubt that taking the advice of those who are dedicated to public health, who made an informed decision, undoubtedly saved lives when they advised President Trump to close non-essential businesses.  But did they consider the economic costs of doing so?  Every life has value and every precaution should be taken to save lives; the question becomes how long can our country survive with public health advocates being the prime voices heard by those who must protect every life?  Until the country gets back to “normal” events like, Gridlock Buffalo, will continue,  Unless, of course, the progressive movement- disguised as social media –  takes over the US Constitution.

If you didn’t have a chance to hear New York’s  condescending Governor Andrew Cuomo today, you can listen to his press event here as he plans to make changes we couldn’t/wouldn’t do prior to CONVID-19.  I really do not understand why he thinks all New Yorkers are unable to make the right decisions and that he is the only one that can decide what is best.  At one press event he said we should know “just the facts”.  Governor take your own advice, just give us the facts.  Maybe it is time these press events should be every third day or so…or if something really unusual comes about…as it is getting to be a blame everyone but me event.

Governor Cuomo, at the very least, please read this before your next press event on COVID-19: The Challenges of Forecasting the Spread and Mortality of COVID-19.

This had been reported last week, but it did not include the firms ties with CCP.  Did Governor Cuomo know this when he hired McKinsey & Company to help him develop the plan to reopen New York?  If not, why not?

City-Journal examines how Apple and Google could help in search of total virus awareness.

Israeli Professor Shows Virus Follows Fixed Pattern.

How unintelligent does Speaker Pelosi think we are?  Pelosi Denies Downplaying Coronavirus by Inviting People to ‘Come to Chinatown’ in February, Claims She Was Fighting ‘Discrimination’

Reasonable explanation, if one doesn’t suffer from TDS.    Liz Peek: Coronavirus reopening – Democrats resisting for this reason

Trump’s reelection hopes likely hinge on coronavirus rebound.

3 Reasons Why States Shouldn’t Get a Congressional Bailout.

Governor Cuomo, shouldn’t you have a better handle on this?  How pension ‘double dippers’ exploit New York’s taxpayers.  Isn’t it about time to end this unreasonable, expensive, and downright morally reprehensible practice that taxpayers are forced to fund, while many of them have no pension programs or have pensions that have gone bankrupt.