Speaker Pelosi as you have never seen her.

Even Facing A Pandemic, New York State Remains in The Grip of The Green Movement.

The Chief examines the politics behind the  Campaign-Finance Bill, Small-Party Hardball Wind Up in Budget.

Ken Girardin exposes the truth – State knew of UI shortcoming  – if you have been furloughed from your job, you, unfortunately, have experienced the shortcomings; your stress level is increased due to this inability to access the unemployment insurance you have been promised.  This article will only add to your stress level, but it is important for all to know, how big government has never been about helping the everyday citizen; progressive governments’ empty promises are only made to gain their votes, then they are quickly tossed aside while they serve their master.

Another boondoggle stuffed in the NYS Budget.

Heritage Foundation Launches National Coronavirus Recovery Commission.

Charles Hurt opines in today’s Washington Times that Trump should stick to his assembly of experts — with extreme caution.

This is who presidential candidate, Joe Biden, is vetting as his VP:  While Whitmer attacks Trump, Michigan suffers from her miscues during COVID-19 crisis.

Nancy Pelosi as you have never seen her before—honest:


Ned Ryun opines in American Greatness about Our Crooked Congress.

FBI’s Failure to Be ‘Scrupulously Accurate’ With FISA Information Undermines Public Trust and the Process.

The Black Death and the Coronavirus: Lessons from the 14th Century.

In the Spirit of Tocqueville.

From Drafting Doctors to Stealing Equipment, Politicians Violate the Limits of a Free Society.

Stuck at Home? Read about the History of Liberty.

Unbelievable, the main-street-media really did go there.