Social Media: Great when it works; frustrating when it doesn’t.

Social media is normally a wonderful way to get yours and our messages out to the general public.  Our Facebook page is a great way to communicate with others and gives the Conservative Party a way to let you know what we are doing.  If you haven’t stopped by the Party’s Facebook Page recently, please do so today and click on our Video section where you will find how our Conservative endorsed candidates for Congress are helping out during the current coronavirus crisis.

(As I noted, social media is normally a wonderful way to communicate with others, until a bump in the road prevents you to access your account.  Three weeks ago, we were locked out of Twitter (@cpnys) with no explanation.  I have tried my best to contact Twitter; the only response is an auto response telling me to access the code sent to my smart phone and/or email address.  It has been 3 very long weeks with no code being sent to either place.  If anyone knows how to resolve this, it would be appreciated.  BTW their phone # 415-222-9670 only refers you to the website, that I have been contacting for 3 weeks.  Thanks for any suggestions.)

Speaking of things not working properly – while I certainly do understand that the number of applications are overwhelming – and no one ever anticipated government closing most non-essential businesses – it really is unbelievable that their technology is so outdated.  Government is not spending wisely, but there is nothing new about that fact.

New York’s new budget is all about denial.   Note the last sentence of the last paragraph: The one saving grace is that Cuomo & Co. didn’t raise taxes as New York heads into recession.  But if the same crew is running the Legislature after this fall’s elections, you can bet it’ll be their first resort next year.” (emphasis added.)

Joe Mahoney writes in Politico how Albany’s balance of power tilts back to the governor.  “Every major bill legislators have passed this session increased the powers of New York’s governor, an office that political scientists already considered to be one of the country’s most powerful.”  Based on that observation by Mr. Mahoney, I think the taxpayers of New York could save the entire costs of the Legislature and just elect the Governor since they willingly ceded their obligations to him.

E. J. McMahon and Ken Girardin have their own analysis of the budget: Amid Covid, a shaky state budget.

While some seem to praise the changes to the Criminal Justice Bill, former NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has some harsh criticism for them.

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