Our great-great grandchildren will be paying for the Coronavirus Bill…will lessons be learned?

Yesterday’s daily update included this article  Cuomo: ‘Numbers don’t work’ in ‘terrible’ Senate stimulus package, in which Gov. Cuomo complained that New York was not getting enough money in the $2T “Coronavirus Bill.”  E.J. McMahon, writes in the Empire Center about how the stimulus bill treats NY.  While the rest of the nation swoons over Governor Cuomo’s handling of the ongoing coronavirus crisis, Mr. McMahon, rightfully points out the WSJ editorial  (subscription required) on the Bill and that Governor Cuomo’s “beef arises from his own more direct concern: a state government revenue shortfall he now estimates at $10 billion to $15 billion.”

The exodus from New York continues.  (In the above article where Gov. Cuomo says the numbers don’t work, Gov. Cuomo states “We’re not a big-spending state. I cut taxes every year,” Cuomo added. “I have the lowest growth rate of the state budget in modern political history. We are frugal and we are efficient,” which begs the question, why are New Yorkers still moving out of New York?)

Most government employees will not face the same economic problems that private employees will face as New York battles the coronavirus.  They have generous vacation and sick time that can be used during this medical emergency, with that being understood, it seems to be reasonable to postpone their 2% pay increase until New York regains its financial footing.

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Stay healthy!!