How long can the economy sustain social distancing?

President Donald J. Trump wants to get the economy back on track by Easter and as long as it is feasible it should be done.  The key word is feasible; President Trump understands that the economy matters and history has shown that panic has led to government “cures” that are worse than the disease.

Madam Speaker:  Energy Bailouts and Handouts Don’t Belong in Coronavirus Packages.

What We Know About Potential Treatments for COVID-19.

Say thanks to ‘greedy pharmaceutical companies’ — they’re our best coronavirus hope.

While everyone complains about the ever-increasing costs of prescription drugs, after learning about that many of our prescription drugs are manufactured in China, would people be willing to pay more knowing they are manufactured in America.  I certainly would.  Is US Too Dependent on China for Medical Supplies?

The Legacy of Americans in a Time of Crisis.

At this time, the market is up most likely based on the fact that there is an agreement on the “coronavirus bill”, however there is a new problem with the bill.   Four GOP Senators have a grave concern that there is a massive drafting error in the bill.  Read about it here.  Governor Andrew Cuomo says the bill would be “terrible” for New York State. Read more here.  BTW, Sen. Schumer is taking credit for the “coronavirus bill”.  Anyone surprised by his taking credit?

Fauci Scolds Media: Seriously, Stop Trying to Drive a Wedge Between President Trump and Me.

A Litany of Useless Laws Have Been Exposed by the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus and the Seventh Theorem of Government.

Another Roundup of Positive Updates on the COVID Outbreaks from Around the World.

New York State, already facing a budget huge deficit, should expect a bigger hole, according to State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.

AOC’s Screed Against Billionaires Turns the Definition of Theft on Its Head.

A Body Without a Soul: Is That the State of Our Culture?

Words of wisdom from Walter E. Williams.