Chairman Kassar’s wraps up includes the Democratic Debate, Buffalo Billion fiasco, and the falling approval ratings of Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Democrats Fall Short in Latest Debate

2020 Democratic challengers left much to the imagination Tuesday night in an often hard to follow, contentious debate that once again put the party’s socialist agenda in the forefront.

As Bernie Sanders oversees the downfall of the Democratic party as we know it, the remainder of the field has had little luck in shifting momentum away from the Democratic Socialist frontrunner.  At a time where the party is desperately looking for a leader and an identity, stalwarts such as Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar have failed to deliver for the party which continues to spiral down a path of extinction, making way for the new Democratic Socialist Party led by Senator Sanders.

Senator Sanders has confessed that taxes will be raised drastically on not only the rich, but the middle class who drives the American economy, in order to pay for his healthcare, college tuition and climate plans. However, Sanders conveniently pivots when pressed on the fact that a massive deficit still exists that would cripple the economy as we know it.

Perhaps the most concerning issue at hand is the amount of support Sanders has across the country for his socialist agenda. Dismissing his candidacy in a general election thinking socialism would never be a reality in America, would be a mistake for Conservatives all over the country. Sanders base is energized, organized, loyal and growing. We must take this threat on our democracy serious and prepare to support the President and down ballot Conservative/Republican candidates with enthusiasm.

Panasonic Ends Partnership with Tesla

Panasonic confirmed the end of their solar partnership with Tesla on Wednesday in a move that will deliver a blow to the Buffalo economy.

Panasonic will end all operations in New York and have their pullout complete by September effectively ending the employment of just over 400 New Yorker’s.  The state has informed the Panasonic employees in RiverBend, Buffalo that they will be offering their assistance in acquiring new jobs, but could make no assurances or promises. While the state attempts to put on a good face, it is evident Governor Cuomo’s administration continues to deal with a level of unprecedented corruption within this economic development project.

The facts are this, Tesla promised more jobs than they delivered in Buffalo. Gone are the promises of over 1,400 manufacturing jobs, and more than 2,000 additional jobs all over New York State to provide solar energy.

Transparency has never been the Governors forte, but this latest debacle stinks. It stinks for the State and it stinks for hundreds of people losing good paying jobs and the thousands of others who never got an opportunity due to failures on the part of Tesla and the Governor.

 Governor Cuomo’s Approval Rating Falling

A new Siena Research poll has Governor Cuomo falling out of favor in New York State with a 36% positive job performance review and a 63% negative rating, down from a 41% favorability a month ago.

The decline comes on the heels of abysmal statewide support for bail reform laws passed last year as a part of the state budget. In April of 2019, New Yorker’s thought the reforms would be a step in the right direction by 17 points, but one month after the implementation, voters believed the changes to be bad for New York by a 12-point margin. Now, those numbers have torpedoed even further as voters believe the law is bad by a margin of 26 points.

Senate and Assembly Republicans have called for the immediate repeal of the law, but state Democrats continue to refuse revisiting the reforms.

With the November elections on the horizon and public opinion souring, Democrats are under immense pressure to work with Republicans regarding the law.

Bail reform laws were passed as a part of the state budget and bail reform was never discussed on either the Senate or Assembly floor. I, along with many Conservative/Republican legislators have called on the state to no longer pass legislation within the state budget. Laws should be discussed and argued on the floor, not tucked away within a budget. With the Governors numbers falling at a rapid pace, I believe he would be wise to remember the people who elected him, not act as a king.

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