Government must set the right example — lately it hasn’t.

Spectrum news rightfully asks this question:  State Revoked This Limo Company’s Operating Authority. So Why Are They Still Picking Up Passengers?  I would certainly not let my family hire a company that doesn’t meet the standards set for safety.  Protecting citizens and residents, is the primary duty of government agencies, but lately, government agencies are ignoring and arbitrarily  changing the rules and laws that have served this country well throughout the years.  Government officials created sanctuary cities, blatantly ignoring federal laws; have granted licenses to illegal immigrants, again changing laws set in place to protect all residents; eliminated cash bail to serve those who demand social justice and also tucked into the criminal justice reform an almost impossible deadline to provide discovery to defendants and their attorneys.  Most every day, newspapers report how perpetrators continue their crime sprees – and no longer face consequences – and Spectrum questions why a company in upstate New York ignores the fact that their operating authority has been revoked.  Government has sanctioned their actions by setting the example of choosing which laws and rules government choses to follow.

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The NY Post is reporting that Gov.  Cuomo and Senate Democratic leader Stewart-Cousins are eyeing a closed-door fix for bail reform.  Again, we ask, why behind closed doors and why in the budget?  As the opening sentence of the article reads:  What could possibly go wrong this time?

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