Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-up, Attacks on the NYPD, Global Entry, Trump Endorsements

NYPD Comes Under Attack

It was a startling week to say the least for the NYPD as the 41 Precinct endured through two assassination attempts  in a 12 hour span. By the grace of God, the two officers shot were treated for none life-threatening wounds and have both since been released from the hospital.

The attacks came on the heels of an anti-police rally that saw protestors vandalize MTA stations in defiance of subway fairs and increased NYPD presence on trains.

NYPD Sergeants Benevolent Association President, Ed Mullins visited the White House Wednesday days after declaring “war” on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio who has his own history of anti-police rhetoric.

“The Trump administration is very aware of the plight of police officers in NYC and is closely monitoring the situation. @realDonaldTrump has our backs” said a tweet sent from the SBA account.

Criminal mischief and activity has risen in 2020 throughout NYC. Sweeping bail and discovery reforms that went into effect January 1, have had police, in some instances, arresting and re-arresting offenders within days of their release.

Albany Democrats have been reluctant to repeal the reforms despite recommendations from law enforcement professionals and judges. In January, a resolution was brought to the floor by Senate Republicans. The resolution failed on a party line vote.


Trump, Cuomo Meet to Discuss Global Entry for New Yorkers

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo met with President Trump Thursday to discuss the D.H.S.’s suspension of the Global Entry program for New Yorker’s.  Last week, D.H.S. Secretary Chad Wolfe announced New Yorker’s would no longer be allowed to enroll in the Trusted Travelers program due to New York State withholding access to DMV information from the Federal law enforcement agencies.

Governor Cuomo handed the Trump administration a win when he announced the state would indeed offer access, but on a limited basis. President Trump and the D.H.S. continue to request more access, which has been denied as of this writing.

“The president said that this is an issue he wants to work on and that he would follow up with the governor next week,” said communications director Dani Lever.

President Trump and Governor Cuomo have agreed to continuing conversation regarding the Global Entry ban, but as of Friday afternoon, the ban remains in effect.

Restricting security agencies the access needed to protect New Yorker’s, and our neighbors, is troubling. New York experienced the deadliest terror attack this country has ever seen. Impeding those tasked with keeping us safe is unconscionable and irresponsible. The job of our elected officials, is to first and foremost, keep us safe and protected from any danger both foreign and domestic.

I look forward to Governor Cuomo granting the access necessary to ensure we never re-live another September 11, 2001 or experience anything like it.


President Trump Endorses Malliotakis, Tenney

 On Wednesday President Trump officially endorsed two New York Congressional challengers.

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, running in New York’s 11th Congressional district, continues to raise money and campaign at a rate that has captured the attention of the White House and President Donald Trump.

“I know her well, we need her to defeat Max Rose, who voted for Impeachment!” President Trump tweeted. Adding “she loves our Military & Vets. Nicole has my Complete & Total Endorsement!”

A top 10 race in the Country, Malliotakis looks to recapture the historically Republican district this November.

In New York’s 22nd Congressional district, challenger Claudia Tenney, who represented the district from 2017-2019,  earned the support of President Trump.

‘Claudia Tenney is a fantastic candidate running in New York, where she was a great member of Congress,” the President tweeted. “Claudia has my complete and total endorsement!” added the President.


Sustaining Memberships

 I would like to thank everyone who has contributed and become a sustaining member of the Conservative Party.

You allow us to run our political party and support Conservative candidates statewide.

Democratic leadership in Albany has made it clear, tax paying, law abiding citizens are the enemy. One party control has made our state less safe, and now, they are looking to raise taxes as we stare down the barrel of a $10 billion budget deficit.

Your contributions allow us to support candidates, good causes and fight for good government. We are excited about our prospects of taking back seats at the state and federal level.

Please visit our website and consider making a contribution. I greatly appreciate your support!


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