Chairman Kassar’s Weekly Wrap-up: Bloombergs Blunders, Petitions, and “Green Light” Laws.

Bloomberg Bullied

 Mike Bloomberg participated in his first democratic debate Wednesday night and frankly, it could not have gone worse for the former Mayor of New York City.

It should come as no surprise that Bloomberg was tha target of multiple attacks From Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. What should come as a surprise, is how woefully prepared he was to counter the onslaught.

President Trump would “chew him up and spit him out,” said Sanders days before the debate. It’s not often, or really ever, that I find myself agreeing with Bernie Sanders, but in this case, he is correct.

One would have to believe with $460 million in campaign expenditures, some of the money would have been spent on debate prep, but Bloomberg’s blunder only caused more chaos for the democratic party as they continue to stare down the barrel of a Bernie Sanders nomination.

With 2/3 of American’s happy with the economy and with overall satisfaction with the state of the nation at a 15 year high, it is hard to believe a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, who’s goal is to undo an economic system that a majority of Americans believe is working, would be elected President of the United States.

With their drastic shift to the far left, Democrats have become the greatest spokesperson for President Trump and his success. In the midst of the greatest economy this country has ever seen, the Democrats have managed to field a team dead set on reversing the policies that have led us to achieving record low unemployment, record low poverty rate, record high median income, and rising wages after years of stagnation.

Americans will re-elect President Trump in 2020. The only question is how big a landslide will it be?


 Beginning February 25th, nominating petitions for Congress, State Senate, State Assembly, local offices, and party offices will begin circulating all over the state. It is imperative we have a successful petition period to qualify our candidates.

We have an impressive slate of candidates up and down the ballot heading into November. I kindly ask you to be sure and sign the petition for Conservative candidates within your district as members of the party come to collect.

Names and contact information of county leaders are listed here if you would like to get in contact to sign, or help collect.

“Green Light” Law Continues to Cause Safety Concerns

 The problematic “Green Light” law continues to put New Yorker’s at risk as it blocks federal law enforcement agencies from accessing data critical to keeping citizens safe.

Recently, the New York State Sheriffs’ Association issued a letter to Governor Cuomo, as well as the senate and assembly majorities, to highlight the serious consequences officers face as they work to combat dangerous criminals operating within New York State lines.

“This was a law intentionally designed to obstruct security officials in their efforts to combat drug trafficking, human trafficking, and transnational gang activities,” assembly minority leader Will Barclay said.

Federal law enforcement agencies having access to DMV data is critical. In 2019 alone, ICE arrested 149 child predators, seized 6,487 pounds of illegal drugs, arrested 230 known gang members, and most notably, rescued a staggering 105 victims of human trafficking.

To block law enforcement agencies from continuing their good work and saving countless more lives, is unconscionable and irresponsible. New York remains less safe as long as these “Green Light” laws remain in effect.

I stand with Leader Barclay in calling for the immediate repeal so that our law enforcement agencies can get back to their very important job of saving lives.