Attorney General is a breath of fresh air in a world that really needs a break from the constant negativity.

One would have thought Mayor de Blasio would have learned by now:  FEC warns de Blasio over presidential fundraising irregularities.

It is no longer only District Attorneys calling for changes in the criminal justice reform bill that Governor Cuomo pushed for and signed.  Mayors Across State Voice Concerns Over Law Changes.

Don’t let politicians screw up the NYPD’s fight against subway crime.

What could go wrong, the City agencies are run so well.   Just think of what a new agency will cost, and don’t forget to include the new long-term pension costs.   Brooklyn pol wants new agency to help nonprofits with city’s flawed contract system.

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) calls out Gov. Cuomo on Cuomo’s Carbon Casualties.

Albany Times Union investigative reporter, Chris Bragg, is still looking for answers:  Cuomo leak probe echoes ’09, with different results

The NY Sun editorial board takes Mr. Bloomberg to task over his apology for the “stop & frisk” policy that worked so well to combat crime in NYC.  Happy to see that the NY Sun is steadfast in their support of Mr. Bloomberg’s “signature political achievement” but disagree with many aspects of his 12 years in office.  Mike Bloomberg is about Mike Bloomberg and his excessive need to control what people do in their personal lives because he thinks he knows what is best for every individual, so excuse me, while I go drink my extra-large soda and put some salt on my potato salad.

The Daily Signal informs us of Rep. Ilhan Omar’s chilling ignorance of history.  Honestly, every member of the Squad is either ignorant of history, chooses to ignore history or just changes it to further their cause.

Also, from the Daily Signal:  Congress Shouldn’t Get Paid Until It Does Its Job. Why This Bill Is a Great Step.

Bill Asher opines in American Greatness on Democrats and Double Standards.

EXCLUSIVE to the Daily Caller:  Former Reagan Attorney General Ed Meese: Bill Barr Is Restoring Faith in the DOJ.  Read this excerpt from Attorney General William Barr’s recent lecture at the Federalist Society’s 2019 National Lawyers Convention and you will understand better how he is restoring faith in the DOJ.  Thank you, AG Barr, for speaking the truth.

Betsy McCaughey had this to say before today’s hearings began:  What Democrats’ next witness, Alexander Vindman, really has to say..  Fortunately, Matt Vespa is watching the Impeachment Hearing for us and writes this.  Kudos to Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, again!  Impeachment witnesses suggest Hunter Biden’s Ukraine ties could be conflict of interest.     Ron Johnson: Ukrainians Felt No Pressure from White House Over Withheld Aid.

Lost Innocence: Let’s Give Children a Childhood.