President Donald J. Trump does what is right for our military who now know for certain, he has their backs.

The Conservative Party held a meeting in Binghamton, NY on Saturday, to emphasize the need to end the ban on hydrofracking, a proven economic boom everywhere it takes place.   It seems that what Governor Cuomo, who is directly responsible for the fracking ban, would rather waste our tax dollars in economic development that continues to fail, or worse, has little oversight that allows CEO’s to take liberties with grant money (according to a lawsuit recently filed), than have true economic growth that benefits New Yorkers.

It isn’t only in economic development where Governor Cuomo makes major mistakes: Pulling JCOPE’s strings.

Cuomo’s Fusion Intrusion Draws Bipartisan Flak.

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required) is reporting New York City Plans Support Network for Defendants Freed Under New Bail Laws.

Bill de Blasio’s ‘churro’ problem shows how terrified NYC leaders are of their own laws.  Just wondering, if anyone were to become ill from eating churros purchased underground, would the Transit Authority be responsible?

How generous the Rev. Al Sharpton is…paying himself $1M from his own charity.

I wonder if he supports AOC’s tax plan?  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Plans Bill to Boost Top Individual Tax Rate to 59%.

Elise Stefanik rises as GOP impeachment star: ‘I am proudly the opposite of AOC’.   Keep up the great work Congresswoman Stefanik, as @NikkiHaley said over the weekend…We have your back!

We thank President Donald J. Trump for having the backs of our military who put give their all to protect our rights; they need to know their Commander-in-Chief will have there back, and this weekend he proved that he does.  This is how Fox News broke the news on Saturday morning.  Chief Petty Officer Eddie Gallagher shares his message for the presidentClint Lorance gives first interview since pardon by Trump this morning on Fox and Friends.

What a difference in presidents:  Obama administration knew Hunter Biden was shady, witness admits.

As Robert Knight points out: No one is above the law — unless you’re a Democrat.

Marie Yovanovitch testimony offers no impeachment evidence

When you do this Ilhan Omar funneled another $150K to alleged lover’s consulting group, how do you have any respect for how taxpayer’s money is spent?

This from the latest want to be “panderer-in-chief” Bloomberg apologizes for stop-and-frisk policy.  As the NY Post editoral points out Bloomberg’s reversal doesn’t change the truth about stop-and-frisk.  Bloomberg’s joke of a bid says more about present crop of Democrats.

Billionaires give Elizabeth Warren a political gift before she can even tax them — their anger.

Fur information:  Nearly 80,000 Illegal Aliens Carried an Arrest Record Before Winning DACA Approval, Government Data Show.

And he isn’t the only one to feel this way:  1 Year After Sex Change, This Teen Regrets His ‘Frankenstein Hack Job’.  Personally, I do not understand how people demand the end of declawing cats and celebrate doctors doing this.