For Immediate Release
November 8, 2019
Contact: Shaun Marie
www.cpnys.org  @cpnys


Brooklyn, NY, Nov. 8…High-tax, anti-business, and soft-on-crime policies coming out of Democratic-controlled Albany are jolting everyday New Yorkers, and Tuesday’s election results reflect it, New York State Conservative Chairman Gerard Kassar today said.

“Despite some misleading news reports about this week’s elections, Tuesday’s results show a growing backlash against unhinged policy positions being driven by Albany’s hard political left,” Chairman Kassar said. “Voters around the state rejected this unbridled ‘progressivism’ by supporting Conservatives and Republicans at the polls, and we are confident that this trend is only just beginning. Leftist, one-party rule will spell disaster for this state, and voters are already beginning to react to it.”

Chairman Gerard Kassar noted Conservative-backed victories on Tuesday, including:

  • Taking back the Town of Hempstead – the largest town in the United States with 800K people;
  • Winning a civil court seat in Richmond County on the predominantly Democratic North Shore;
  • Flipping the town of Yorktown in Westchester County with 33 year- old Matt Slater a true rising star;
  • A landslide victory for returning Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro against Governor Cuomo’s handpicked candidate;
  • A district attorney win in heavily Democratic Dutchess County;
  • Flipping the Clinton County Legislature together with many other gains in the North Country;
  • Taking back the City of Canandaigua;
  • Winning every non-judicial election in Wayne County;
  • George Scaringe holding a lead in the Town of Colonie;
  • Mike Kavanaugh leading in the count for Ulster County District Attorney;
  • All 4 candidates in the Fourth Judicial District winning, with the Conservative Party line providing the margin of victory to Michael R. Cuevas.

The Conservative Party provided the margin of victory in many races, including Hempstead, the Richmond Judicial race as well as several Livingston County Judicial races, the Yorktown race, the City of Canandaigua in Ontario County, and Michael P. Cuevas in the 4th Judicial District, Chairman Kassar noted.

The Conservative Party attributes many of this year’s victories to the implementation of dangerous and outrageous policies on crime, taxes, and government spending, and on the cultural battles that caught the attention of New Yorkers from all localities and all walks of life.

“Democrats in Albany are turning this state into a laboratory for off-the-wall ‘progressivism’ and everyday New Yorkers are noticing it,” Kassar continued. “This is not the New York that the average voter wants, and if Tuesday is an early indicator, there will be hell to pay for the government malpractice we are witnessing. Mark my words: The pendulum is swinging in New York.”

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