Weekly Wrap-Up from Chairman Jerry Kassar


 The Democrats in the New York Assembly, urged on by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, passed the “Driver’s License Access and Privacy Act” this week to reward illegal immigrants with driving privileges.

 The legislation, A.3675-B, will incentivize lawlessness, but Democrats are insisting that it will instead “create safer roads for all New Yorkers, boost the state’s economy and protect hardworking New Yorkers and their families” in their press release.

 Cayuga County Clerk Sue Dwyer said, “It is absolutely mind-boggling that the Democrat-controlled Senate and Assembly want to pass legislation that would allow people,who are in our country illegally, to walk up to a DMV counter to apply for a New York State driver’s license by giving DMV staff as little as a foreign document. First of all, we have no way of knowing its authenticity, and if we suspect that it’s a fraudulent document, we will not be allowed to question it.”

 “Not only will our roads throughout New York State be safer, but families of immigrants will have more peace of mind while their loved ones are on the roads,” said Assemblymember Crespo.

 The Democrats always do all that they can in order to make their invading third-world constituents feel at home.


 he Democrats in the legislature are using New York as an experiment for loony liberal policies, and it does not end with drivers licenses for illegals. They are even considering the decriminalization of prostitution as well.

 Sens. Jessica Ramos and Julia Salazar are planning to introduce the “Stop Violence in the Sex Trades Act” to let street walkers who are selling their bodies for cash off the hook.

 “We want to bring sex workers out of the shadows and ensure that they are protected,” Ramos said in at a press conference. “We will finally make strides against trafficking by empowering sex workers to report violence against them. Sex work is work and everyone has an inherent right to a safe workplace.”

 The radical Democrats want to protect every criminal or degenerate aspect of our society these days at the expense of tax paying New Yorkers. .

 If enacted, the legislation would condone prostitution in certain instances, shield prostitutes from criminal liability, and expunge the criminal records of sex workers in most cases.


 New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio claims he is committed to diversity, but these days, he seems more committed to his vanity campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 than anything else. The absentee Mayor blew off the Puerto Rican Day Parade last week to campaign in Iowa.

 “When you’re running for president of United States this is always a challenge, to balance the schedules,” de Blasio said as an excuse for his absence.

 De Blasio was the first Mayor in the history of the parade to ever miss the event. He believes his own ambitions are more important than showing solidarity with the Puerto Rican community.

 “What’s happening Sunday is one of the biggest Democratic party events of the year in Iowa,” he added. “Iowa is obviously the first election of the season for Democratic presidential candidates…And it [is] important to be there, but my respect, my commitment, to the Puerto Rican community is very, very well known in the community, and it will continue deeply.”

 The people of Iowa are not impressed by de Blasio despite his incessant campaigning. He is polling at zero percent in the crucial midwestern state, as his campaign becomes a national punchline.

 He is not faring much better in his liberal-dominated home state of New York, where President Trump polls five points better than the reviled Mayor.


 Flag Day is celebrated each year on June 14 to commemorate the day on which the country adopted its famous stars and stripes.

 President Woodrow Wilson issued a presidential proclamation in 1916 to mark the date in 1777 when the Second Continental Congress selected the American flag.

 Many people in the United States and New York State will honor the day by displaying the flag at homes and public buildings.

 The Conservative Party of New York State would like to wish everyone a happy Flag Day!


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