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Today begins the last week of session in the NYS Legislature.   They cannot go home soon enough!  This year has been a disaster for those of us who continue to live in New York State. The New York Times gives an overview of all of the progressive bills that will cause havoc in our cities and state.  Of course, the NY Times supports this agenda, and is pushing the fact that illegal immigrants should be granted licenses.   Just because their readership is in a nosedive, doesn’t mean they should call for programs that will bring our government closer to the socialistic government that runs Venezuela!

Then again, this may be another reason why socialism is on the rise, the Daily Signal opines on how victim mentality is pushing women toward socialism.

The NY Post editorial has this to say:  Moderate Dems need to revoke progressives’ license to drive state agenda.

The Buffalo News suggests that the recreational marijuana bill, has hit a snag, but the NY Post writes this: New York Senate is hashing out bill to legalize weed.  Why it is being considered is mindboggling when you know that drug abuse is destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of people.  I would venture to say that everyone reading this blog has been touched by the plague of drug abuse, if not directly, most definitely indirectly.  Why on earth does the democratically controlled New York State want to encourage the use of a Schedule 1 drug?  Haven’t we seen enough of the trauma drugs cause in trafficking and use?  What message do we want to send our youth?  That marijuana is okay, and if a Schedule 1 drug is okay, why not all drugs?  Shame on the people pushing this.  The Washington Post, considered by most to be a progressive paper, ran this article yesterday:  Potent pot, vulnerable teens trigger concerns in first states to legalize marijuana.   Read the article, then send it to your local Senator and ask them how can they consider making marijuana available for recreational use?  Do we not learn from our mistakes?   Send the Washington Post article, now, time is running out.

Progressives just won’t admit the truth about opioids and the homeless.

DA David Soares (Albany County who originally won with Working Family Party support) has this Op-Ed in the NY Post:  The Legislature endangered the public by botching criminal-justice reform.  It always is stronger when a person who has supported criminal justice reform, realizes that some of the changes are not necessary and in fact dangerous.

Bob McManus echo’s our sentiments in his column:  Richard Carranza’s race-baiting politics are wearing thin.  Then there is this editorial:  Comrie wants more opportunity — Carranza’s just finding jobs for cronies.

Oh my, the Mayor will be so upset:  Cuomo announces new crackdown on fare-beaters, transit violence.

Thomas Homan: Here’s the truth about sanctuary cities.

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