Daily Update

On February 10th, Staten Island’s own Frank Morano interviewed Chairman Michael R. Long on AM 970. 

The Wall Street Journal’s (subscription required) editorial board opines on Andrew Cuomo’s tears of SALT. 

E. J. McMahon explains why Cuomo keeps pounding SALT. 

The Albany Times Union  lets us know that Albany Legislators have orchestrated their campaign to pass single-payer, version 2.0.  Bill Hammond examines the pitfalls in single-payer, version 2.0. 

This is not ‘protecting Roe.’

Rich Lowry opines on a travesty in New York. 

Coloradans Fight Big Pharma and Big Soros to Stop Nation’s First Heroin Injection Site

How House Conservatives Are Planning to Force a Vote on Protecting Abortion Survivors. 

Hillary is still trying to stay relevant; how pathetic that she chooses to defend late term abortion and take an unwarranted swipe at President Trump. 

Podcast: Social Justice Challenges America’s Founding Ideals. 

From Jim Geraghty’s morning post:  Ilhan Omar and Ralph Northam’s Cheap Apologies. 

From The Hill:  McConnell to set up vote on Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal.   Wesley Pruden has one of the best columns on AOC’s Green New Deal and the Unicorn Caucus. 

From One News Now:  Trump says he’s thrilled about ‘a lot of wall.’