Daily Update

Ed Feulner opines on learning from Lincoln  on what would be President Lincoln’s 201th birthday. 

E. J. McMahon testified before the Joint Legislative Fiscal Committees yesterday.  Read his testimony here. 

Cuomo goes to DC, gets earful from Trump about abortion and taxes.    In case Gov. Cuomo doesn’t believe that high taxes play a role in New York, he can read this  from The Hill, not known as a right leaning publication. 

The Daily Signal has an excellent article on how mass deinstitutionalization harmed the mentally ill

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D., N.Y.) has solved her “where will I live” problem — a luxury apartment is the solution. 

Guy Benson writes in Townhall.com — ‘Suppression,’ Debunked: Study Concludes Voter ID Laws Do Not Depress Voter Turnout. 

Delusional de Blasio actually thinks he should be president. 

May you rest in peace, Detective Brian Simonsen, the City of New York is grateful for your service.  Our prayers are with you, your family and all who served in the NY Police Department. 

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams:  The real risks of marijuana use.