Daily Update

Mayor “you earn it -I take it” De Blasio is at it again.  From WABC News in NYC: “Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Tuesday that New York City is rolling out a $100-million-per-year program to provide health care to all residents, including undocumented immigrants.”  Hear Chairman Mike Long’s response here. 

The NY Post reports the Mayor’s money grab this way:  Inside de Blasio’s $100M health care-for-all plan. 

Bill Hammond of the Empire Center takes a first look at de Blasio care.

And, as if forcing taxpayers to pay for a new $100-million-per year program to provide health care to all residents and undocumented immigrants, today, Mayor “you earn it – I take it” de Blasio is actually finding a way for people to lose their job with his new proposal to mandate paid time off. 

Don’t give de Blasio a sleazy way to pay his legal bills. 

David Bossie: Trump’s speech vs Schumer and Pelosi – Will America choose determination or denial? 

The Daily Signal fact check’s President Trump’s claims in border speech. 

Michael Goodwin writes how refusal to budge on border wall shows Dems still hung up on 2016. 

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis opines on Immigration Deal or No Deal; America’s watching. 

Betsy McCaughey writes that democrats are campaigning to end prosperity. 

Did you know this? 

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