Daily Update

With Hillary – the twice failed presidential democratic nominee – at his side, Governor Andrew Cuomo, called for a constitutional amendment to protect abortion rights in New York State.  Chairman Mike Long’s response was swift and accurate: “He must have his head screwed on backwards.”  Read more about the proposal and Chairman Long’s response here. 

New York needs a serious debate before legalizing marijuana. 

City’s top cop worries about kids smoking weed, grow house fires.

Former Assemblyman Richard Brodsky is not someone who the Conservative Party agrees with on most of his policy beliefs; however, in this article, he is absolutely right in stating that in all of government’s flaw, this is the most dangerous..    We firmly believe that the members of the legislature have to propose and pass with a veto proof majority, legislation that will override the Court of Appeals decision that denies the Legislature the power to change or reject gubernatorial policies, if they are put in budget bills.  The Court of Appeals neutered the legislature; it is long past time they regain their rightful place in the governmental process.

The State of Politics writes: Cuomo’s DMV Nominee Says He Backs Driver’s Licenses For Undocumented Immigrants.    Well, of course, he does; does anyone think Gov. Cuomo would nominate someone who does not agree with his position. 

File this under:  Why was it ever filed in the first place?