Daily Update

Former Mayor Bloomberg, like so many self-made extremely rich businessmen lately, thinks he knows what is best for Americans.  The former Nanny Mayor is seriously looking to run for president in 2020. 

Left wing legislators push for “equal access for driver’s licenses.”  The article states that giving illegal immigrants a license would produce an estimated $57 million in combined annual government revenues…so, the bottom line is more money for these progressives to give to constituents who will then keep them in power!  Enough.  A driver’s license opens the door to a myriad of privileges and should be limited to legal residents of New York State. 

Another liberal/progressive proposal would require gun permit applicants to disclose their internet search history and social media passwords.   Obviously, the proposers have no concept of why we have a 2nd Amendment. 

Another topic the progressive/liberal agenda is pushing for:  Restore voting rights now, N.Y.: A basic civil rights reform still lags in our progressive state. 

If you are still following the Mueller investigation, here is more background from Victor Davis Hanson. 

Here is more insight from Katie Pavlich writing on Townhall.com 

Wall Street Journal Ed Board Tells Mueller to ‘Wrap it Up. 

Robert Knight opines on suppressing Christianity’s historical importance. 

And the National Review writes how the Founders protected the natural right of religious liberty. 

The Beat opines on Big Raise; No Vote. 

Ken Girardin, writes in Empire Center on highest legislative pay ever?

The more Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez the more we understand how lacking her education was. 

What the New Socialists in Congress Need to Know About Poverty. 

From the Daily Signal:  The New Farm Bill Is So Bad That Supporters Don’t Want Its Details Released

De Blasio doesn’t care what parents think about his elite-school-quota plans. 

Bill Hammond writes how single-payer gets even more costly.