Daily Update

The debates over legal pot revenue are way too premature.  The last sentence is extremely apropos. 

The Legislative Commission tasked with justifying pay increases for legislators is not being received with open arms despite the fact that it has suggested a 63% increase over 3 years.  One member of the Assembly would have to put 12 people out of work, if he decides to stay on as a legislator. Did the Commission even consider that this might be a problem for some of the members?  The Commission failed the legislative members, the general public and themselves by not anticipating the repercussions of a hastily put together pay raise.   The question arises as to the constitutionality of having a Commission raise the pay of legislators.   

Albany pay hikes costs taxpayers, Conservative leader says. 

The Mayor’s wife hires more staffers!

Is NYC’s ‘ticket advocate’ some kind of joke? 

The Daily Signal writes that On Gender, the Science Is Deafening.  An excellent article, by Tony Perkins explaining that despite what the headlines scream about gender identity, many in the medical community — experts were relieved to see that the president’s policy (“sex discrimination” would not include “gender identity.”) matched what was wise and prudent for patients. In a letter to the departments of Justice, Education, and Health and Human Services, a coalition of doctors, bioethicists, therapists, academics, and policy groups all praised the president for taking a scientifically-sound approach in understanding those who think they are not the gender they were born. 

Conrad Black writes Mueller’s Got Nothing. 

Trump Forces Chuck and Nancy to Debate Him in Front of America, They Didn’t Like It. 

Media’s Trump Obsession Has Crossed Over to The Clinical. 

Our New Religion – Humanitarianism is displacing Christianity, but without its redeeming effects.