Daily Update

‘Coward’ Cuomo still refusing to debate his GOP challenger.  Even disgraced Elliot Spitzer criticized Andrew for not agreeing to a debate as of today’s date. 

The NY Post editorial  ends with this, “Maybe Cuomo is just chicken — or maybe he figures that an open debate might hurt him so badly that he could actually lose. (emphasis added.)”    

Governor Andrew Cuomo perhaps you should read this:  Thank fracking for continued decreases in US greenhouse gas emissions;   then rethink your political ban on fracking. 

Apparently, the fact that Andrew Cuomo doesn’t like to be confronted by things that may upset him, is a trait that his father, Mario, also had.  Kathleen Gallagher writes about the Gosnell movie and what happened way back when Mario was asked to visit an abortion mill by a fellow democrat. 

Charlotte Hays writes about the real cost of Medicare for all. 

National Review’s, Robert VerBruggen, writes:  Yes, Entitlements Are a Far Bigger Debt-Driver Than the Recent Tax Cuts Are.

Suzanne Fields writes in the Washington Times about coddling the closed American mind. 

Guy Benson reminds us just how desperate some democrats are.