Daily Update

Michael Goodwin’s column in today’s NY Post says it all:  One party rule has left New York in a sorry state.  Read it.  Circulate it.  Take it to heart.  There are only two choices for governor; Andrew Cuomo or Marc Molinaro.  No other candidate has a chance to win!  If you care one iota about the future of New York, heed Michael Goodwin’s column.  You CAN make a difference.  New York CAN become the Empire State again, but if voters allow one party rule, it will never, ever happen. 

4 Studies That Prove Small Government Works Better

Betsy McCaughey writes that Trump is totally right about the dangers of Medicare for all.   

Trump asks Cabinet agencies to cut 5 percent from budgets. 

U.S. Job Boom Got Its JOLT from Trumponomics. 

Guy Benson writes that a prominent electoral prognosticator thinks the GOP’s chances are suddenly looking better. 

Another case of President Trump keeping his promises: Trump sets record, appoints the most federal appeals judges in first two years.   

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