Daily Update

Most voters expect a candidate to be honest on where they stand on certain relevant topics.  When a candidate asks for your vote – your approval – shouldn’t they be up front and honest where they stand on important issues?  Tedra Cobb told supporters she wants an assault weapon ban, but, cannot say that in public  — why, because she lives in a district that are strong supporters of the 2nd Amendment.  I’ll file this under “lying to get elected.”   The voters in the 21st CD are too smart to fall for her deceitful campaign. 

The newest progressive craze is to abolish ICE, but the radicals, including  Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand,  who are calling for the end of ICE obviously are not in tune with the majority of voters.   Here is what Governor Doug Ducey thinks about abolishing ICE. 

Chuck Schumer’s Brazen Fable About Nominees and Supreme Court Precedents.   Surprise, surprise:  Liberal Professor Comes Out in Favor of Kavanaugh, Left Pounces.    Do you think they – the liberals – would ever check the facts

Larry Horist opines on Brett Kavanaugh

Guy Benson opines on Schumer’s hilarious, desperate flip flop on SCOTUS nominees.

Message to liberals:  A ‘balanced’ Supreme Court isn’t the point

Another message to liberals:  Costly Prevailing Wage Laws Harm Minorities and Younger Workers.

Anti-Trump FBI lawyer Lisa Page refuses to testify, despite subpoena

Cor trial jury gets to work: In NY game of connections, what’s a crime or just unsavory?

Why ‘new ideas’ are so hard for Team de Blasio

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.