Daily Update

Our US Senate Candidate, Chele Farley, has a new radio ad here.  Help Chele get her message out by sending the link to your family and friends. 

The Heritage Foundation writes:  Trump Hits Another Home Run with Supreme Court Pick Brett Kavanaugh.  While the NY Post editorial states:  Brett Kavanaugh is an excellent pick for the Supreme Court.   Of course, the progressive left had plenty to say also, but none of if is worth the space it took up on the internet, in the TV airways or the paper it was printed on.

Red State Dems’ Dilemma: New Poll Shows Senate Battleground Voters Want Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Confirmed.

That is a very big if, Senator.  You really should stay up to date on the science of life, then you would understand you are on the loud, but, losing side.   Governor Andrew Cuomo is also out of touch with reality and jumping on board with the loudest voices that continue to try and drown out the most innocent voices heard by those who hold life precious. 

Nikki Haley writes in the National Review about the United Nations’ patently ridiculous report on American poverty.

Fiscal conservatives launch awareness campaign for public union members.   

Rapping Dem challenges Republican for upstate congressional seat.  Congressman Faso’s reaction.  (Can’t help but wonder why Mr.  Delgado TV ads left this information out.)

Buffalo Billion ‘fraudsters’ knew what they did was wrong: feds

Don’t Use Social Security Money to Finance Paid Parental Leave

The ugly rules of the City Council pork game.

Don’t forget to send Chele Farley’s, new radio ad to your family and friends.