Daily Update

Jeff Platsky, writes in the Binghamton Press and Sun,  that despite revitalization efforts, people are still leaving Upstate New York.

When did Yorktown Heights become part of the Bronx?  This fact-check on the darling of the democrats explains how she was in a position to travel as much as she did prior to becoming a congressional candidate.  Just another polished politician manipulating what she can to gain a platform to exploit her community.  The Washington Times reports that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez slams the fact-check article, but never really denied it.  Interesting.   Larry Hoist opines on what Crowley’s defeat tells us. 

Abolish Ice?  Seriously, Senator Gillibrand?  It’s time for you to be voted out!  Chele Farley understands the importance of protecting America and her citizens

Sen. Gillibrand seems to be used to twisting the facts in this interview with Chris Cuomo.  Chris Cuomo actually had to correct her facts, that she continued to insist she was right about until someone offstage (possibly a staffer) seemed to get her to correct herself. 

How many chances does 1 person get?

The Beat explains the importance of maintaining a gang database. 

Katie Patvich asks this question:  Did Obama Grant Thousands of Iranians Citizenship as Part of the Iran Deal?

Matt Vespa is reporting that CBS News says Trump has narrowed his Supreme Court Justice choice to two names.  Time will tell if CBS is correct in their reporting.

Christian Civil Rights Watch attorney, Matt Barber, explains why the left are so fearful of another constitutionalist being appointed to the Supreme Court.

As America’s birthday approaches, Jay Cost writes in National Review:  The Declaration of Independence Was More Radical Than Any of the Men Who Signed It.