Daily Update

John S. Baker, Jr. writes in National Review that the Supreme Court nomination is — and isn’t — all about Roe v. Wade.   Rich Lowry, writes that Roe Is a travesty

Liam Walker says it all in his article:  There’s Only One Side in the Constitution Debate.

Those who have a different view, fail to understand how faith in people and God, not government, was the wisdom that our Founding Fathers gave to this promising new republic that has become the beacon of freedom to the world.  I, for one, will always be indebted to our Founding Fathers and duty-bound to fight for the principles they held.

Cheryl K. Chumley writes in the Washington Times:  Happy Fourth — the wolves are inside the gate.  

Ocasio-Cortez obviously is a student of revisionist history that the younger generation has been taught, never taking the time to go beyond the classroom to read the true history of this great country.  Her new found celebrity encourages her to lecture those who do not agree with her socialist views.  Ocasio-Cortez is stretching the truth of her background to gain power, what will she be willing to do if/when elected?

To those who are demonstrating for families to stay together and for the end of ICE, why is it that you are not demanding that Chicago protect her children?  Does it not fit your agenda that President Trump is at fault for all of America’s problems? Why don’t you call out Rahm Emanuel for his lack of compassion and leadership? 

U.S. District Judge Jesse M. Furman, an Obama appointee, says Trump administration showed ‘bad faith’ in adding citizenship to census. 

By accepting a plea deal, the public will never really know the damage this IT specialist may have doneTop Democrat Tech Aide From Pakistan Gets a Free Pass on House Server Going Missing.   

There she goes again supporting more taxes:  Kirsten Gillibrand backs security transaction tax. 

State Comptroller DiNapoli tells us that New York’s state budget is on course for disaster.  It seems to me that this is NOT new news (the writing has been on the walls for years), so why does he wait until the Forth of July holiday to tell us? 

Enjoy the Fourth – thank a Veteran for making it possible!  We will return on Monday, July 9th.