Daily Update

In case you missed this:   NYS Conservative Party leaders back Molinaro for governor.  Read Kenneth Lovett’s article here.   The State of Politics has Marc Molinaro’s statement on the recommendation

This past Thursday, GOP gubernatorial candidate files ethics complaint against Cuomo

You can follow Marc Molinaro on his Facebook page here.

The Empire Center ‘s, E. J. McMahon, is report how Governor Cuomo has dug New York into a giant tax trap.

A quick reminder of how Governor Cuomo raided  Fidelis Care.   

The Manhattan Institute reminds us that  Cuomo’s self-aggrandizement is over the top and that the governor has a decidedly mixed record, also his leadership has fallen far short of greatness. 

The NY Post editorial board looks out for New York’ s students with  two editorials:  New York’s education ‘leaders’ are hiding the ugly truth and New York’s new schools chancellor shows he has exactly half a clue.  

The Washington Times has an interesting back story on the problems between Andrew McCabe and James Comey while the FBI employed both. 

‘A Man Without Courage’: Dershowitz Slams Comey for Leaking Trump Memos.

The RNC’s Scathing Response to Comey’s Interview.

James Comey and Loretta Lynch Snipe at Each Other Over Who’s Telling the Truth.

Seems to me the common-denominator (re: not telling the full truth) is James Comey or is it democrats in general – to confuse the facts and try to save their prestige and power?

After all as November approaches,  Guy Benson note despite the chaos, it will be difficult for the left to deny Trump’s Prosperity: Economy Sets New Record on Jobless Claims, Manufacturing Optimism Approaches All-Time High

Many, in fact too many, college campus’ are heading down this road.