Daily Update

The current leaders of the Democratic Party has gone so far to the left that they have forgotten that America’s US Constitution is the law of the land.  Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi actually thinks it violates the Constitution.  Here is a Pod Cast that on breaking down the 2020 hysteria (along with some other news of the day.)  Michele Malkin calls the hysteria a power grab.  In true ultra-progressive style, New York’s AG joins the fray on the wrong side. 

Here is the latest news from the two candidates running for Governor on the NYS Conservative Party line.  Here is Sen. DeFrancisco’s Press Release and here is Marc Molinaro’s latest announcement.

The Daily Signal lays out 4 Steps to Better School Security

Governor Cuomo adds a “breathtaking” proposal for Penn Station into budget negotiations.   Tom Precious writes in the Buffalo News on what is in and out — for now.

Sometimes loyalty goes too far, Mr. Mayor.

The city doesn’t care how many kids get robbed of an education.

Beware: Hospitals think ‘do not resuscitate’ means you don’t want to live.

Guy Benson has a must read on the aftermath of the February 14 tragedy in Florida.

BREAKING: DOJ Inspector General Will Investigate Obama Administration FISA Abuse.  

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams