Daily Update

Governor Cuomo, would you please explain this:  Del Lago casino, struggling with revenue, seeks state bailout.  Governor Cuomo did a good job of “pulling the wool over voters’ eyes” when he presented them with a heaping plate of malarkey in order to bring more casino gambling to New York.  Voter beware … his budget offers the same plate of malarkey this time around.

Why is this (and many other non-fiscal items) in the NYS Budget? 

First it was Christopher Columbus, now it is Thomas Jefferson

Trump administration to add citizenship question to 2020 census – almost immediately California sues.

Gun Benson has more on the March for our Lives rally. 

Edwin Messe, III opines on the solemn duty of government and the military. 

The left is so ecstatic with headlines that say John Paul Stevens, ex-SCOTUS justice, shocks with call to repeal 2nd Amendment.   They can hardly contain their “coup” of a Republican Justice saying this.  Republican or RINO?  Yes, President Ford appointed him, however, Justice Stevens is not known for his republican decisions, rather he is described as “maverick” and liberal.  His Op-Ed appeared in the New York Times.  At age 97, I’m impressed that he would be submitting his thoughts to the NY Times, but I am not surprised that the Justice that broadened the core holding of Roe v. Wade, upheld affirmative action and  dissented in Bush v. Gore, took the position that the 2nd Amendment should be repealed.  All I will say is that I’m just as happy as the left is –only my happiness is because that he resigned from the US Supreme Court and no longer has the power to restrict my 2nd Amendment rights. (Justice Stevens may think of himself as a conservative, so do some Members of Congress.  Just because one describes themselves as a conservative – doesn’t make them one – a true conservative would never find the right to an abortion in the US Constitution.)

George J. Marlin opines on the Mangano trial: Scenes from the death of a GOP machine.   

Then there is this:  Star witness: I funneled illegal campaign cash to de Blasio.

Cynthia:  Corruption is Corruption no matter what office you are running for.  One should not single out just the person they are running against — and be blind to what their friends do.  When someone does that, it tells me, the corruption isn’t the problem, the person is. 

Charles Hurt writes in the Washington Times Next up (The Swamp hopes): The really truly final end of Trump.  

They Didn’t Get Reagan Then and Washington GOPers Don’t Get Trump Now