Daily Update

The news of the day is Governor Andrew Cuomo’s close confidant, Joseph Percoco, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit honest services fraud, conspiracy to commit honest services wire fraud, and solicitation of bribes and gratuities in connection with a low-show job given to his wife by an energy company with a downstate power plant interest before the Cuomo administration — three felonies.  He was also acquitted of three felony counts.  Governor Cuomo – obviously you cannot end corruption in Albany…when you never recognized it when it was right in front of you, or even worse, you ignored it and allowed corruption to flourish.  Fredrick U. Dicker’s July 24, 2014 column said it well:  Scandal exposes Cuomo as liar and phony.  

Hillary Clinton will say anything for attention…she just cannot admit she and she alone was the reason she was not elected.  This time, while overseas, Hillary really reached into the deepest depths of disrespect when she blamed racism and misogyny for her loss.  Hillary—get over it.  You lost.  Period.  Play with your grandchildren…they have a way of grounding adults…watch Frozen a few dozen times and just Let It Go

Eight of Linda Sarsour’s Most Controversial Tweets

What next?  Restaurant charged white customers more to combat ‘racial wealth disparity’.  The Pop-Up restaurant was conducting a social experiment launched by Nigerian chef Tunde Wey, who said the experiment was quite successful.

John Fund opines on California’s Reputation for Loony Left Behavior Only Gets Worse.  

Brad Polumbo writes in National Review online that Stricter Age Restrictions on Gun Purchases Don’t Make Sense

Send this to your liberal friends who support raising the purchase age to 21.  It may make them understand it isn’t the age nor the gun — it is the person who has no regard for life.  

Bill Hammond on the Single-payer’s SALT problem

Trump, “Your Fired,” three times:  1) Tillerson; 2) Goldstein and 3) McEntee.

One small step for science — but apology would be nice, too

Robert Knight opines on transgressing the diversity dictate

One of Tucker Carlson’s best segments ever.