Daily Update

Nicole Gelinas opines in today’s NY Post on why only robots may save the MTA now.  Nicole also notes in her column how brave the contest judges are to flag this project for further study, considering how strong New York’s unions are.

If you have any doubt on how strong  New York’s Unions are, read today’s NY Post editorial:  Construction unions are robbing New York blind.

Good News:  State GOP to fight Cuomo over tax hikes.

More good news:  State Senate opens probe into plan to export homeless upstate.   This is a result of the NY Post exposing Mayor de Blasio’s scheme of offering a free year’s rent to homeless people who move out of town.   

Really, Mayor de Blasio?  You forced a person who dared to disagree with you to resign…after ensuring that members would be free to disagree with you.  So much for being a man of his word. 

Here is another one of Mayor de Blasio’s major failures that he must be held accountable for.   Obviously, the Mayor doesn’t subscribe to fellow democrat Harry S. Truman’s famous quote:  The buck stops here. 

In case you missed this:  For Now, Conservatives Taking Wait-And-See Approach On Gov’s Race

There are consequences to raising the minimum wage…Flagstaff, Arizona is proof.   

Even the very liberal Washington Post gives Congressman and DNC Vice Chair Keith Ellison ‘4 Pinocchios’ award for lies on Farrakhan ties.

The problem is far too many people believe what this woman says

Noted gun expert, John Lott, Jr., sets the facts straight about guns in schools.   

Big Brother fails.  Gun Benson writes More Signs: Parkland Killer Revealed ‘Gory Fantasies,’ Violent Impulses to Therapists for Years.  

Charles Hurt takes on the main stream media as they lose reality over the probability of the North Korea meeting between President Trump and Kim Jong-un. 

Conservatives around the nation mourn the passing of Dusty Rhodes.  Read Jack Fowler’s touching tribute to Dusty Rhodes here.