Daily Update

Ben Shapiro on last nights Oscars.  Early ratings show Americans interest has dropped off considerably.   

In case you missed this:  Michelle Malkin reminds us that “hypocritical” celebs lecture us – everyday Americans – about guns while surrounded by armed security.  Kudos to Michelle!

Libby Schaaf, the Mayor of Oakland, is the exact opposite of Michelle Malkin – she endangers Americans.   Libby Schaaf should read Stephen Moore’s an America first immigration policy and study the US Constitution. 

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has abandoned all pretenses of being a moderate democrat and aligns herself with progressive causes at Working Families Party rally.  It is time for her career as a Senator ends.   Sen. Gillibrand has latched on to the #metoo crowd, yet fails to do all that she can to end a cult in her own backyard.    NXIVM is a secret group that is accused of branding women, one would think that since Sen. Gillibrand’s father worked for and was ultimately sued by the group,   (when he found out about troubling legal, possibly criminal matters, he chose to discontinue his work) it would be an organization that she would have some knowledge of and ability to investigate – if not herself – at the very least to call for a thorough investigation by some of her colleagues.  There are so many questions as to how NXIVM continues when victims have cried out for help. 

City and State write that Percoco’s trial could actually be disastrous for Cuomo

The Manhattan Institute writes about closing failed schools.

The Government Has Already Tried Universal Basic Income. Here’s What Happened.

How long will it be before Flippy is making your burgers?   CNN ran this article last September:  Robots: Is your job at risk? 

Guy Benson introduces you to Kyle Kashuv — a conservative survivor from  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.