Weekly Wrap-Up

Are we at a turning point on guns? Don’t believe the hype… we’ve tried gun control before and it hasn’t worked, but the Democrats are going for broke and refusing to let this crisis go to waste.

Are you concerned that Congress will pass new gun control measures that undermine the Second Amendment? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

In the gun debate we’ve seen everything from bad ideas to terrible ideas to nonsensical ideas, and conservatives must admit that the President hasn’t helped the cause, though he seems to be walking back some of his more alarming rhetoric.

How important is it to you for President Trump to keep his campaign promises to protect the Second Amendment? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

Dishonest, exploitative, insulting… the media’s coverage of the gun debate has been predictably dreadful. Which word do you think best sums it up? That’s the third question in our new Weekly Poll.

In other news, the economy continues to roar, and Americans everywhere are feeling the effects – but will a trade war sabotage all this progress?  

In case you missed it, the Conservative Party is rallying behind the candidacy of Chele Farley for U.S. Senate. She’s an impressive candidate – you can learn more about her here.

Have a great weekend!