Weekly Wrap-Up

Immigration is front-and-center in this week’s news.

President Trump’s DACA negotiations with the Democrats have all sides scrambling.  Is this set to be the next big win for the Trump Administration and the country? Is it too problematic to proceed? Or is it President Trump’s “read my lips” moment?

Meanwhile in New York, Andrew Cuomo has signed an executive order prohibiting state agencies from inquiring about individuals’ immigration status – another sell-out to the left, and the latest step in Cuomo’s presidential campaign.

Here is our statement on this upending of the law. Now I want to know what you think – Just how destructive do you think Governor Cuomo’s executive order protecting illegal immigrants will be? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

Meanwhile Democrats are stampeding to support Bernie Sanders’s disastrous “health care for all” plan and follow the old-school socialist right off the fiscal cliff. Does the left understand just how radical socialized health care really is? Or, to put it less charitably, what a joke it is? Even supporters of the Canadian version acknowledge the wait times involved. (There’ll be no waiting, of course, for taxpayer-funded abortions.)

What do you think is the WORST aspect of the Bernie Sanders-Democrats’ “Medicare for All” socialized health care plan?  That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

Also this week, Hillary Clinton’s giant carousel of self-pity continued spinning out of control. Here is a pie-chart of blame – there’s plenty to go around. Between attacking the Constitution and showing Americans how to breathe, Hillary also arrogantly instructed President Trump to read her book “It Takes a Village.”

I’ve compiled a few titles that Hillary might do well to read over – from selfhelp works to accounts of true leadership to policy analysis and character studies, and even a work from the President himself. Which book do you think Hillary should be reading? Make your pick in the third question in our new Weekly Poll.

Have a great weekend!