Daily Update

The woman only knows how to pour salt on an open wound.  I have said many times in this blog that Hillary should just go away, and I really so not want to cover anything she says or does.  But to imply that the tragic deaths of Ambassador Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Glen Dougherty and Sean Smith hurt her politically is beyond outrageous.  Shame on you Hillary Clinton!  This pours more salt on our nation’s open wound.  

It’s Bad: New Emails Show Huma Abedin Mishandled Classified Info on Barrage of Sensitive Issues.    

He’s back!  Sen. Bernie Sanders wants single-payer health care.  When California dismisses its single=payer health care plan because of the expense, our advice to you, Sen. Sanders, is don’t hold your breath.  

The early morning headlines screamed —  Donald and the Dems have a deal on DACA.  Not so fast says The Donald — no DACA deal yet.  Talking about a DACA deal is good, at least everyone knows there is an elephant in the room and while tempers flare, at the very least, the discussion is serious.  If President Trump does not keep his word, it will be a very long and yes, ugly, three years.  Every person who has a heart, to quote President Trump,  also knows, any deal without an absolute end to illegal immigration — and all the perks illegals are handed — is the end of the Trump Administration.  If President Trump fails to negotiate the deal he promises his base, his base would not have left him, he would have left his base.  Mr. President:  The deal is in your court.  

Good advice from Betsy McCaughey:  Justices Should Toss Dems’ Phony Election Lawsuit.  

Less than 15% of eligible NYC voters participated in the democratic primary for mayor on Tuesday.  Assemblywoman Malliotakis takes that as a good sign.,  The fact that Nicole is getting this much coverage is also a good sign for her campaign and the fact that she is right on so many issues.  

A day late but still good.  Wednesdays with Walter E. Williams.