Daily Update

Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis is standing up for all New Yorker’s by filing a FOIA request for the cost of 21 separate trips Mayor de Blasio has made since March of 2014.  Today’s New York Post editorial gives a sound reason why Mayor de Blasio is painting his rival, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, as a Trump clone. 

As more New Yorkers learn about the possibility of New York holding a Constitutional Convention, the less they like the idea.  VOTE NO on the Con-Con in November.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren just can’t get her beliefs straight.  

Charlie Hurt opining in the Washington Times –  blame dishonest Democrats who created Obamacare and lied about it.  

IRS Awards Obamacare Premium Tax Credits Without Verifying Citizenship or Lawfully Present Status


Jane M. Orient, MD writes in the Heartland Institute that it is not about health care, it is about control.

The Wall Street Journal editorial has this to say:  The ObamaCare Republicans; Voters may repeal and replace the Senators who broke their promise.

Edwin J. Feulner, Ph.D., founder, and president of the Heritage Foundation, lets us know what’s up and what’s down in American culture.  

Politico writes  “As subways suffer, Cuomo plans choreographed bridge lights.”  The article points out that the MTA is not paying for Governor Cuomo’s bridge lights.  However, the taxpayer certainly is, and aren’t there better uses for your tax dollars? 

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