Daily Update

E. J. McMahon’s column, Sizing up tax reform, explains how federal tax reform offers mixed prospects for New York State.  

The Manhattan Institute takes Mayor de Blasio to task for saying some are panhandling for “fun.”

Here is just one aspect of good news that the media fails to report.  Incidentally, have you read about this or heard it on the news?

Is media responsible for America’s current ‘civil war’? According to Carl Bernstein, it is Fox News’ fault. 

Canada and Sweden’s Misguided Abortion Crusade.

NY left’s radical opposition to funds for pregnant women.  

Richard W. Rahn opines on when legal protections begin to disappear in the Washington Times.

The Hypocrisy of Linda Sarsour and Her Use of ‘Jihad’

Tom Howell, Jr. writes in the Washington Times on the death of the  Senate GOP health care bill and Guy Benson follows up on yesterday’s article with this one:  Debacle: Following Senate GOP’s Healthcare Collapse, What Comes Next?

Senator Schumer:  Your Party and you created this problem (without one republican vote) and your statement today is a political invention.. Since becoming Minority Leader, you and your colleagues have never held the door for bipartisanship open on health care.     

News can be uplifting sometimes, especially when it includes animals.