Daily Update

Seriously, Senator Schumer?  When are you going to stop putting politics ahead of national security?  

CUNY’s obscene pay hike for its top brass.  Workers in private industry would love a 10% pay raise two years in a row.  

Ignoring the will of the people, Governor Andrew Cuomo, pledged a $10 million grant to expand the Purple Heart Hall of Honor in the Hudson Valley, in return for naming the new Tappan Zee Bridge after his father.   How pathetic that Gov. Andrew Cuomo thought the quid pro quo was necessary. Westchester County Executive, Rob Astorino, reacts to the Governor’s naming of the bridge.   

Even the Fresno Bee covered the fact that Paul Massey dropped out of the NYC mayoral race. Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis puts the blame for the transit debacle where it belongs.  As the NY Post editorial states today, with Paul Massey’s withdrawal, the race is now on for mayor of New York.  Carl Campanile writes that Nicole Malliotakis (is) set to become GOP’s top pick in mayoral race.  

Mayor de Blasio is granted a two-year extension on his control of the NYC public school system among other items included in the Extraordinary Session.  Legislators seem to think it is okay to reach into your pocket and take your money then hand it over to their pet projects so they can get re-elected.  

Victor Davis Hanson opines on the late, great Russian collusion myth.  

Justice Thomas Chides Colleagues for Ignoring Second Amendment Case.  

We fought for our freedom in 1776 but there are some elitist in America  today who want to emulate Europe’s government.  Is this really what they want?  If so, go live there and let us, those who respect life, live here with our values.  

You don’t see headlines like this every day:  Maine restaurant workers successfully lobby to lower the minimum wage.