Daily Update

Mayoral candidate: Everyone thinks NYPD fudges crime stats.  Shortly after this morning’s debate, Paul Massey dropped out of the mayoral race, leaving our candidate, Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis, as the leading contender for the GOP nod to run against Mayor de Blasio.  Here is Assemblywoman’s statement on Mr. Massey’s withdrawal from the mayoral race.  

State legislators are back in Albany, but they are not certain what they will be doing other than passing a one-year extender on NYC mayoral control of public schools.  It is our sincere hope that the Assembly does not pass the naming of the new Tappan Zee bridge after the Governor’s late father.  As PressConnects is reporting, the Mario Cuomo bridge plan is facing pushback.  Governor Cuomo should take note that it was his father who added Gov. Wilson’s name to the Tappan Zee bridge and honor his father’s wishes.  (As of this posting, legislators are just milling around and no bills have been put on their respective calendars.)

Tammy Bruce opines on the alarming indifference of liberals.  

Ralph Z. Hallow takes on Politico in his column, GOP was never anti-Russia.  

Sen. Ron Johnson says the CBO used a dated baseline making their numbers inaccurate.   Meanwhile, the Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the 19th Obamacare Co-Op Folds, Leaving Only 4 Operating in 2018.  Betsy McCaughey explains that republicans are trying to undo Obama’s Medicaid disaster. Rich Lowry opines in National Review online that despite democrats’ continued hyperbole, the republicans’ Medicaid reform is not unreasonable.  

Holman W. Jenkins, Jr. writes in the Wall Street Journal (subscription required):  Expect a Coverup – Russia may have indeed affected the election, through the farcical Mr. Comey.  ICYMI, here is the Washington Post article everyone is talking about.  

Pulitzer-Prize winner Michael Goodwin has come a long way from his career with the NY Times and the NY Daily News and his columns in the NY Post give readers the insight of his 30 plus years in journalism.  Today’s column does not disappoint.   

Wednesday’s with Walter E. Williams.