Conservative Party Opposes Commercial Surrogacy

Brooklyn, NY — The following legislative memo has been sent to the members of the legislature today to inform them of the strong opposition the party has to the repeal of certain sections of the domestic relations law pertaining to surrogate parenting contracts. The memo follows:

2017 Legislative Memo…

In Opposition to…

S. 17-A Hoylman Calendar # 1126 A. 6959-A Paulin

Purpose: To legally establish a child’s relationship to his or her parents by amending the family court act; and repealing section 73 article 8 of the domestic relations law, relating to legitimacy of children born of artificial insemination and surrogate parenting contracts.

Party Position: This legislation seeks to lift the longstanding ban on compensated surrogacy contracts which has been law since 1992 (signed by Governor Mario Cuomo) upon the unanimous recommendation of the NYS Task Force on Life and the Law and bipartisan support. Even the National Organization of Women supported this decision.

Surrogacy is a contractual arrangement through which a woman bears a child for another — with the intent of relinquishing that infant at birth — in itself an unnatural act that encourages a woman not to bond with the child she is carrying.

If this bill becomes law the dignity of marriage and the very core of the family is undermined. “Collaborative reproduction” as defined in the bill makes it possible for a child to have up to five parents, thereby the child may never know their true biological parent causing confusion, pain, loss, and abandonment. See to understand what these children feel.

If this bill becomes law the potential for women to be exploited increases expeditiously. In states where surrogate services are advertised – most often in poor neighborhoods, college campuses and military bases – women who need financial help are paid up to $30,000 in addition to medical expenses. (Agencies make a large profit for bringing people together.) Most participants are oblivious to the health risks involved (injection of synthetic hormones, some not FDA approved) due to their financial needs. It is unfortunate that as economic incentives increase, and if legislation like this proposal becomes law, the technology of surrogate child bearing will override the joy of giving birth naturally and become a commercial “made-to-order” baby producing business that would include sex selection and specific genetic – blue eyes, blond hair, high IQ – desires of the purchasing “parent” thereby, making the baby a consumer product bought or sold based on supply and demand of the economy.

What a disgraceful, horrific way to treat a human child that should be brought into this world to be loved for just being themselves. This proposal demeans all that parenthood has stood for since the beginning of time, in the name of being progressive. If this is progress, humankind is taking a huge step backward by commercializing the miracle of giving birth.

The New York State Conservative Party is strongly opposed to this disingenuous bill and urges NO vote.

LM 2017-09