Daily Update

Chris Matthews, the longtime liberal host of Hardball, agrees that the Democratic Party has moved too far left on cultural issues.  His remarks came in response to Matthew Continetti’s column in the Washington Free Beacon on Friday that examined the democrats’ first 100 days.  

Hollywood icon Richard Dreyfuss leaves Tucker Carlson almost speechless with his defense of the United States Constitution.  Kudos to Dreyfuss for stating quite clearly that he is a constitutionalist. The American Thinker also reviews the segment on Tucker Carlson Tonight.  

Sen. Schumer appeared on Fox News Sunday and slammed the idea of repealing Obamacare and indicated that President Trump’s first 100 days was hardly a success.  He complains about the President Trump is going it alone.  Well Sen. Schumer, do you remember when President Obama essentially said “I won, deal with it!”  Where were you then about bi-partisanship?  The Senator quotes the NY Times and the Washington Post….when did they become bipartisan?  Sadly, Sen. Schumer is an obstructionist without a bipartisan thought in his mind.  

Nicole Gelinas writes about a tax cut to save the city’s businesses., and E. J. McMahon and Josh B. McGee opine on diffusing the city’s pension bomb.  . 

Naomi Schaefer Riley opines on the only way to stop the college revolt against free speech.  Robert Knight gives us his thoughts on the method to PC madness.  

Assisted suicide distorts doc’s duty.  The author, John Rhee, has a master’s degree in public health and is a fourth-year medical student at the Ichan Medical School at Mount Sinai and explains that what drew him to medicine, and what he hopes draws future generations, was the responsibility to protect vulnerable, hurting patients — including those who need and deserve our help from harming themselves. New York now threatens that precious contract.

Another 255 New Yorkers losing their jobs in upstate New York.