Daily Update

All taxpayers should be relieved that DOC Commissioner Ponte will be repaying the City for the abusive misuse of his city issued vehicle.  What is absolutely appalling is the explanation by the spokesman of DOC:  Peter Thorne said Ponte’s misuse of the agency-assigned vehicle was in part due to top officials not fully understanding city rules. (Yes, you read that right.)  Read more here. Unfortunately, Commissioner Ponte is not the only person to abuse the use of a city-owned car.  

The Daily Signal explains why conservatives are disappointed in the massive spending bill Congress agreed to to keep government open. The White House and Speaker Ryan are stressing what was good in the budget.  However, if Congress does not cut spending in the new fiscal year, rest assured, the citizens who put them in Congress, will not hesitate to take them out.  Spending is out of control; we did not become the greatest nation in the world by having government pay for our every need, nor will we remain the greatest government in the world if is allow government to continue its spending spree.  What has happened in Venezuela conceivably could happen here.  Venezuela was at one time a democracy, but since 1998 the rapid change has devastated the once beautiful country.   Was yesterday’s May Day violence  in America a precursor of our future if we do not take control of spending back?

When government is so out of control, things like this are inevitable.  

The Daily News editorial is right:  Renew Kendra’s Law now and protect all of us. 

John Crudele writes in the NY Post that De Blasio’s war on cigarettes should focus on smugglers too.  

This is heartbreaking:  The Syracuse Post Standard reports the counties with the highest number of babies born with a drug addiction.  

Wes Pruden opines on the pity party of the unloved press

Thank you, Thomas Sowell for another brilliant article.