Daily Update

It is official:  Sen. Charles Schumer will lead filibuster AGAINST Judge Neil Gorsuch.    Sign our petition today then call his office:   Washington Office 1-202-224-6542 or the NYC office:  1-212-486-4430.  Do not let Sen. Schumer bork Judge Neil Gorsuch, a proven constitutionalist committed to the rule of law. Sen. Schumer’s statements in The Hill are so out of touch with reality it makes him look like the foolish partisan ideologue he is….all of a sudden Sen. Schumer is concerned about “executive overreach.” after 8 years of Obama’s executive overreach that even the current 8 Justices have ruled Obama overreached.   Stand up for America — Sen. Schumer NOW.

Conservatives who have been in the trenches for a long time are familiar with Donald Devine, and if you do not know who he is click here.  He is a bonafide conservative who understands governing.  He wrote this article for the American Spectator on March 20 regarding the AHCA. Obamacare is a death knell; the Conservative Party, like Donald Devine, has some reservations, but the AHCA gives us the ability to escape from Obamacare.  Tell your Congressman to vote for it.

Here is more on what Congressman John Faso and Congressman Chris Collins are doing to reduce the costly burden of Medicaid  forced on New Yorkers by unfunded mandates.  The State of Politics recaps Congressman Faso’s statements and Congressman Chris Collins has an excellent interview with Fred Dicker on Talk 1300.  (If you missed the NY Times article, click here.)

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo is acting as if this amendment would destroy New York’s economy and taxes would have to be raised.  Not true!  Gov. Cuomo will have until 2020 to find a solution…which should include eliminating some of the benefits covered by Medicaid that are not required by the federal government.  

Here is another way, Governor Cuomo.  Perhaps you whining because you may have to give up your shadowy-spending Santa gig.  

Actually, all you have managed to do with your extravagant spending, Governor, is push more people out of New York State.  

Say it isn’t so:  NY state is considering a statewide $.05 tax on plastic bag fee.  Just another tax on people so pols can continue wasteful spending.  

Cal Thomas writes about what the main stream media has ignored for a week.