Daily Update

How do you walk away from corruption charges when the District Attorney states that you “violated the “spirit” of the election law”?  How does that DA have any credibility to charge anyone with a misdemeanor/crime in the future?  It just boggles my mind how certain people get away with not abiding by the same rules that everyone else has to abide by.  

Mayor de Blasio continues to talk out of both sides of his mouth.; he takes credit for rent freezes in called for and made by the “independent” board he appointed.  

The Democrats sudden amnesia about Obamacare.  Noted economist Larry Kudlow points out the 13 tax cuts in the new Ryan health care bill that should unite republicans.  

Ryan Concedes: Yes, Things Need To Be Changed For Obamacare Replacement Bill To Pass The House

Politico Poll: Plurality Supports GOP Healthcare Plan, Trump Approval Hits 52 Percent.  

The Daily Signal says Trump’s skinny budget paves way for a leaner government.  Here is more on the Trump budget.  Education advocates will be disappointed.  

Investor’s Business Daily says Fed’s Rate Hikes Are Really A Bullish Validation Of Trumponomics.  

Sen. Schumer admits Obamacare needs help…and offer’s no real answers, says democrats can’t offer solutions if the republicans repeal it.  His interview with Bret Baier was quite an eye-opener that you can view here.

Ben Shapiro opines about more judicial overreach.  

Have you signed our petition to keep Doyle in prison?  Please do all that you can, have family and friends sign also, to keep Doyle in prison.  Click here to download petition.  Or click here for the Parole Board directly. Please sign today as he is due to come before the Parole Board in about two weeks.