Daily Update

The National Weather Service is officially in the “fake news” entourage, but those who have worshiped their predictions will continue to defend what they did yesterday.  After all, the NWS has been on the doom and gloom of the “climate change is our fault train” for years.

Jimmy Vielkind is reporting in Politico that legislators are rejecting some of Governor Cuomo’s budget proposals., not enough to save taxpayer’s money as the Assembly democrats are with the Governor on extending the millionaire’s tax.   Today we learned that the Independent Democratic Conference in the State Senate has introduced its own budget resolution that includes the infamous extension of the millionaire’s tax.  It also includes raising the age of criminal responsibility — a concept that I find conflicts with many of the left’s issues —  and adopting the DREAM Act that seeks to allow illegals to obtain financial assistance for college.  A new budget is required by March 31, 2017.

Fresh signs that de Blasio’s discipline ‘reforms’ endanger kids, teachers.  

The Washington Times writes in its editorial about taking brickbats to the wall.

This gentleman takes on the snowflakes!  Good for him. 

A former Marine, Andrew McKenna,  gives his assessment of the GOP health care bill.  

Michael Goodwin has another insightful column in today’s NY Post, this one on Preet Bharara.  “But Bharara’s political grandstanding on the way out the door is doubly disappointing. In an instant, he went from white knight to a member of the Democrats’ anti-Trump resistance movement.”  Goodwin has years of experience and an acute understanding of how things work in the political world and truly gives an assessment of a situation like no one else can.  Unlike the upstate Post-Star editorial that paints Bharara as still being a “white knight” unjustly fired.  Governor Cuomo had people “in stitches” on Tuesday when he claimed that he completely missed the controversy.  (Maybe Gov. Cuomo was too busy talking to the National Weather Service.) 

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