Weekly Wrap-Up

The Trump Administration is off to a stunningly conservative start, and one issue that stands out is border security. President Trump is keeping his promises and cracking down on illegal immigration, through “radical” ideas like securing the borders, enforcing the law and putting “sanctuary cities” on notice that they can no longer harbor criminal illegal immigrants.

President Trump’s actions this week mark the return of U.S. sovereignty and start the process of ending the Obama Era of open borders. (Unfortunately, the crusade by liberals like Andrew Cuomo to make fools of themselves is stronger than ever.)

What do you think will be the biggest benefit of putting a stop to illegal immigration? That’s the first question in our new Weekly Poll.

And don’t let the national media dismiss your concerns – illegals did vote for Hillary in November, and President Trump is right to investigate.

The March for Life is taking place today in Washington, and this year’s event is defined by a new spirit of optimism with conservative leadership in both the White House and Congress.

The White House is making a strong show of support. President Trump will call in to the gathering, while Vice-President Mike Pence and top White House strategist Kellyanne Conway will speak.

What’s the main reason that you are pro-life? That’s the second question in our new Weekly Poll.

The crowd at the March for Life will be very youthful – which shouldn’t be surprising, as young people are witnessing technological advances which show that abortion isn’t about just a choice but rather a living human being.

The Daily Signal reminds us that while the 2016 elections were a pro-life victory, the fight isn’t over and pro-life legislation still needs to be passed. And new reports show us that Mayor de Blasio is showing a stunning indifference to the suffering of at-risk children in New York City.

We have two very serious poll questions this week, so let’s end with something a bit lighter: Who do you think will win the Super Bowl – the Falcons or the Patriots? Shaun Marie will post the results next Friday, just in time for the big game.

It was 26 years ago today that we had an all-New York Super Bowl with a photo finish – remembered now as one of the best Super Bowls ever. Do you remember watching that one? I certainly do.

This year there’s a brewing (literally!) rivalry between these two teams, and the media is consumed with Tom Brady’s friendship with Donald Trump. Of course, the ads are as anticipated as the game.

Have a great weekend!